“Diversity and Inclusion”

I am a gay man. And every time I hear the phrase “diversity and inclusion,” I want to throw up.

You want to hire me because I’m gay? Fuck you. Hire me because I’m good.

I’m a contractor working in I.T., and I keep an eye on the job boards like Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, Virtual Vocations, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and the nerd prom known as LinkedIn. And whenever I see a job posting that makes a big deal of diversity and inclusion, I avoid applying for it. That company is too drunk on progressive politics to be fair to anyone who works there.

So you’re gay, or Samoan, or transgender. Does a corporate pledge of “diversity and inclusion” mean that if you get hired, you’ll be treated with common decency and fairness? Hell no! Such declarations are only warnings to middle managers at the company; to tell them that they have to be a little more circumspect about how they abuse you. And firing you is no problem. Unless you can prove that their employment practices are clearly part of a documented pattern directed at your “protected” class, you are fucked.

Environmentalists created the term “greenwashing” to describe how corporations signal their virtue on environmental issues with declarations and programs that actually do nothing impactful. There ought to be a similar “-washing” cognate for broad, meaningless declarations of solidarity with trendy lefty social movements. What to call it? Virtue washing?

(Race is the hot topic again. But I’ll leave it to someone with stronger tribal bona fides to coin the phrase “blackwashing.” Not going there. )