Fighting the Battle of Who Could Care Less

The above is the title of a great song by The Ben Folds Five that trenchantly describes X Generation cultural ennui. Or something. And in a way the title describes the Progressive Mob trolling the internet looking for new victims to threaten. They do this because they apparently have nothing more constructive to do with […]

“Diversity and Inclusion”

I am a gay man. And every time I hear the phrase “diversity and inclusion,” I want to throw up. You want to hire me because I’m gay? Fuck you. Hire me because I’m good. I’m a contractor working in I.T., and I keep an eye on the job boards like Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, Virtual […]

1,125 words

It stuck in my head that somewhere, somebody wrote that it was a useful discipline for a novelist/writer to write two thousand words a day. So I searched for the phrase “two thousand words a day” and came up with about as many drops for one thousand. (Because of the human propensity to get hung […]