Masked driving

Walking through Bloomfield, I’ve seen people driving by wearing face masks. Think about it. If you are driving by yourself in a car, why do you need to wear a face mask? Is it to keep you from licking the steering wheel?

It’s clear that for a lot of people, the constant hysterical drumbeat of social distancing is making them irrational and even crazy. This has to stop. We must not let the national news agenda and public policy be determined by closet germophobes with OCD.

Get behind the wheel, and take your mask off. Breathe free!

Closing the American Songbook

Here’s another one of those grumpy old man posts. Songs aren’t songs anymore. Hip Hop has killed off the market for new songs that have rhyming lyrics, verses, bridges. Simple epigrammatic expressions of thought, painting a picture or a mood.

And yet some persist. John Pizzarelli is one who still sings them. And he finds new ones to slip into the Songbook when nobody’s looking.

This afternoon I asked Siri to play John Pizzarelli. She came up with a very long playlist that I piped into my stereo. It lifted me out of my depression and helped me to function.

There were a couple of selections that included Daniel Jobim, the son of legend Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim who died in 1994. He sounds like his Dad. So cool.

Let’s keep the American Songbook open awhile longer.