Fighting the Battle of Who Could Care Less

The above is the title of a great song by The Ben Folds Five that trenchantly describes X Generation cultural ennui. Or something. And in a way the title describes the Progressive Mob trolling the internet looking for new victims to threaten. They do this because they apparently have nothing more constructive to do with their lives.

Case in point: I got a blast email from the director of The McCarter Center, a performing arts center at Princeton University. (You can see where this is going already.) I have never met this man and know nothing about him other than what I read in this email:

It looks from here like this poor man got spanked for saying something that, in a more sane era, he would never have to apologize for. I hope they don’t fire him. The painful indignity of being forced to send an email like this would be too high a price to pay for me to keep my job. (That’s why I’m not in management.)

I wish the email had been more like this.

In an email I sent earlier today, I used the phrase “Arts and Culture Matter” in the subject line. This made Black Lives Matter activists swarm like sharks fighting for chum thrown in the water. Apparently, I’m the chum.

Please get over it. A university education is supposed to give you resilience, not spectral disorders. You should consider that if you’re on this mailing list, you live a life of privilege. Everyone associated with Princeton does. So among your peers, you really can’t throw shade on anybody. Go cancel yourself, punks. I’m not having it.

Somebody’s got to be the grownup in the room. So listen: What I wrote was a sincere message taken out of context by people who have few actual values worthy of the name. I’m not apologizing, because there is nothing to apologize for; and in any case, there is no one among you who is worthy to receive the apology.

If you have any questions, write to me. I’ll tell you exactly what I think of you.


Good luck and God bless, Mr. Rosenberg. If you survive this stupidity, maybe I’ll drive down to the campus and catch a play.

“Diversity and Inclusion”

I am a gay man. And every time I hear the phrase “diversity and inclusion,” I want to throw up.

You want to hire me because I’m gay? Fuck you. Hire me because I’m good.

I’m a contractor working in I.T., and I keep an eye on the job boards like Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, Virtual Vocations, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and the nerd prom known as LinkedIn. And whenever I see a job posting that makes a big deal of diversity and inclusion, I avoid applying for it. That company is too drunk on progressive politics to be fair to anyone who works there.

So you’re gay, or Samoan, or transgender. Does a corporate pledge of “diversity and inclusion” mean that if you get hired, you’ll be treated with common decency and fairness? Hell no! Such declarations are only warnings to middle managers at the company; to tell them that they have to be a little more circumspect about how they abuse you. And firing you is no problem. Unless you can prove that their employment practices are clearly part of a documented pattern directed at your “protected” class, you are fucked.

Environmentalists created the term “greenwashing” to describe how corporations signal their virtue on environmental issues with declarations and programs that actually do nothing impactful. There ought to be a similar “-washing” cognate for broad, meaningless declarations of solidarity with trendy lefty social movements. What to call it? Virtue washing?

(Race is the hot topic again. But I’ll leave it to someone with stronger tribal bona fides to coin the phrase “blackwashing.” Not going there. )

1,125 words

It stuck in my head that somewhere, somebody wrote that it was a useful discipline for a novelist/writer to write two thousand words a day. So I searched for the phrase “two thousand words a day” and came up with about as many drops for one thousand. (Because of the human propensity to get hung up on historical numbers, 2,000 may subconsciously reference, to many people, the 2,000 Words Manifesto of the Prague Spring.)

Other facts: An average eighth grader reads 151 words a minute. An average high schooler can focus attention on reading for about 30 minutes. And (I can’t find a link for this one), when teaching, you’ll keep your class’ attention longer if you shift the topic or activity every seven minutes.

So, what’s the optimal length and structure of a book chapter, and how much text should a writer aspire to write every day? The math seems to say that an optimal chapter of a novel should be no longer than about 4,500 words and should have at least four scene changes. But as a daily target, that’s way too ambitious for me. So I’ll probably start with a one scene of around 1,125 words a day.

Here is what one scene looks like. The words are from the incredibly useful dummy text generator at

♦ ♦ ♦

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